These days, people like to go on adventures and document their trips and activities. People bring all sorts of equipment with them to record events such as digital cameras or even just their cell phones, but the best one to bring along to capture moments is an action camera.

Action cameras are small but powerful pieces of equipment perfect to take almost anywhere with you—whether it’s to the beach or up a mountain, you’ll definitely capture every moment easily and conveniently with an action camera. Its wide-angle lens takes in all the scenery and its durability makes will make it last very long. The best companion for adventures, indeed!

There are plenty of action cameras in the market today, ranging from different qualities and resolutions that go from 480p to 4k. These cameras used to be very expensive (many still are today) but with the advancements in technology and the latest developments, affordable action cameras were released for everybody to enjoy so they can capture each moment while not burning so much cash.

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Here is the list of the best, most affordable action cameras on the market today:
• Supremo 4k Plus
• Supremo 4k
• HTC Re
• Xiaomi Yi Sport Camera
• Playground Cam100

The action camera is a great investment and worth every cent. People no longer have to bring along bulky cameras to their trips, and being able to carry such a lightweight camera will give your videos an edge not everybody has.

If you’ve been considering getting an action camera, even just for day-to-day events, we suggest you go get one as soon as you can. Capturing moments dear to you will be so much more fun and so much better with a handy action camera by your side.

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