Whether a novice or a professional guitarist, you know that a good guitar amplifier takes your music to the next level. Finding the right amplifier to suit your needs though, can be tough. You have to consider aspects like what specific features to look for, the amount of power you need etc. So the question is, of all the one’s available today, which is the best guitar amplifier for you?

That’s what we’ve tried to address here – The most important features and specifics to look for before making a purchase. Some of the specifics we’ve looked at include – a genre of music, channel switching, preamp and power amp, equalizer, build quality and durability, etc.

As with most products, guitar amplifiers differ in features and quality based on price. They can range from $100 to over $1000. If you aren’t on a tight budget, we recommend a marginally expensive amp from a well-known brand. This ensures you don’t end up with an average amp might need replacing in a few months.

Here we have listed 3 of the best guitar amplifier under $500.

1. Line 6 Spider v 240 HC – This comes with an amp head featuring double 4 inch speakers and tweeter set up for home practice as well as performances. Its 50W power is made to impress. A simple control panel makes for ease of use and the ability to control both drive and volume. A great buy at a reasonable cost.

2. Boss Katana Head – This amplifier may not look impressive but boasts neat and useful choices to play with. 12 pots divided into 4 categories make the layout and you can choose from 5 amp types allowing you to experiment with different sound effects.

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3. Orange Crush Pro CR120H – Orange Amps has again proven why they are among the best tube amp manufacturers. The CR120H has a 120W vacuum team amp head that has loads to offer. With simplicity being the focal point, the controls are divided into 2 parts – a clean and a ‘dirty’ channel. FX Loop and other must have I/O options are included.

As you can imagine, when it comes to the best guitar amplifiers, there are many options available based on your budget, making us spoilt for choice. However, we hope we’ve been able to clear up some of the questions you may have had in your quest for the absolute best guitar amplifiers within this range.

Written by: warren5922

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